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The Wines

Our Cabernet Sauvignon is fruit forward with layers of cocoa, blackberry and coffee. They combine to deliver a well-balanced complexity, ending in a long smooth finish. This allows our wine to be enjoyed when paired with beef, lamb, wild game, cheese, or on its own. 

Our Chardonnay has a rich, buttery taste profile that starts fresh, hints of pears, spices and baked apples, and then delivers a long, smooth finish. Well-balanced fruit tannins and low acidity allow our wine to be enjoyed when paired with poultry, seafood, cheeses, or on its own. 


Our Story

It may not seem like a direct connection, but Kendell Dean and Bill  Kling got their start working together at a dermatology company that  Bill owned.  They worked together in the lab on new products, which  required a combination of creativity and precision, combining  ingredients to get the results they wanted.   

About the  time Bill sold the company, Kendell left to start a family.  Bill bought the ranch outside of Aubrey and soon Kendell joined him (baby in tow)  in experimenting on how to improve wine.  The same creativity and  precision that worked in dermatology was used to deliver balanced,  food-friendly wines.  And on busy days, such as when we are bottling,  we’ll often have multiple members from both families here helping. 


The Winery & Ranch

Our winery is located on our ranch outside of Aubrey, Texas in Denton  County.  With a people population a bit below 3,000 and a lot more  horses, Aubrey is nicknamed “Horse Country U.S.A.”  In fact, Denton  County is reported to have the highest ratio of horses to people of any  county in the United States.  With sandy soil and rolling terrain, it is  a great place to live, to raise horses, and to make wine.  So,  it is only fitting that Moonlight Ranch Winery is located on our ranch  and is “supervised” by our quarter horse Pony (I know he’s not a pony,  but he got his name working at Lone Star Park race track) and Saber, our Paint.  To avoid any hurt feelings, we should also mention  our dogs Cleo and Piper.  They keep a constant eye on the property and  make a great “door bell” to announce visitors. 

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